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Light and shadows, colors and life, harmony of lines and forms…but what moves me and it is really inspirational to me are people and their unique nature … their unique feelings, their unique stories.




Rosapaola Lucibelli

Thanks for taking your time to see my work.
This is Rosapaola and one of my greatest passion is to take pictures of weddings and family portraits.
I like to think about myself as a simple, curious, empathic and fun person…who enjoys mostly to be behind the scenes.

Rosapaola who should take pictures at your wedding day?

Probably an invisible photographer on one side, but also somebody able to give me true and beautiful photos to remind me of this day forever! I keep this in my mind while I’m working and so my approach is not intrusive and respectful first of all …But on the same time I become an hunter of beauty, colors, shadows and beautiful lights – As a matter of fact my last name means beautiful lights Luci(lights)-belli(beautiful)-

I’m attracted to capture real moments,  emotions, true feelings, family ties.
What I want to get in my images is your story.
Being a photographer to me is about being able to be a quick observer…being connected with my instinct, is being in the moment and being connected with the feelings of my subjects.That’s my challenge everytime.

Photography is my instrument to document life and to be creative but also to grow as human being.

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